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This channel seeks to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business owners in Toronto

March 17, 2020

The Best SEO Company in Toronto

(Fast-Track Your Search Engine Optimization with Webcarpenter)


SEO Company In Toronto


(Fast-Track Your Search Engine Optimization with Webcarpenter)


What Webcarpenter isn’t?


“SEO”, Now, that's a dirty word, isn't it? There are a lot of businesses hundreds and hundreds of businesses that do SEO, and in our opinion, know nothing about it. Lots of them are stuck in the dark ages still building links for their clients, talking about posting on influential blog sites and doing a bit of on-page work you know, getting your meta tags right and your descriptions right. And if you are lucky they will do some copywriting.

You know those are some of the building blocks of SEO but nowadays, link building is an obsolete thing.  But still, a lot of people are selling that. There are still a lot of companies selling SEO claiming that it’s be-all and end-all a great secret, and they know all the tricks to make you ranking top on the Google search engine.

No doubt a lot of you have had emails from you know, web design companies or companies in Toronto even, saying that your ranking is rubbish or your website just isn't optimized and we can help you get to the top of Google with, and a lot of these promises turn out to be, well extremely hard to fulfill and never come to fruition.


What Webcarpenter is?


Webcarpenter truly believes in cutting edge and providing premium services with its state of the art mechanisms when it comes to SEO. It is continually testing lots of new techniques to rank websites within days at the top of Google. Webcarpenter masters some really good techniques that help drive people to actually call you. So one of the things to look at is, what are the questions that your potential customer are asking, and if you can be the one that's answering that question rather than just trying to optimize for a keyword or phrase, you are seen as the influencer you're seen as the person who's got the answers and you're the person that they're going to call.

So, we at Webcarpenter, work eagerly with questions and answers sessions. We have a strategy session every other week with customers, and more importantly, we've got all of the tools that can demonstrate to you where you're, where you can beat your competition.


What other services does Webcarpenter offer?


At Webcarpenter, SEO implies:


1.Adding Titles & Meta Descriptions


What Webcarpenter does to your web content is testing titles and Meta descriptions. So you might have a title that's performing or page that's performing really well.

50% gain just on that page without having to build more links, without having to write a lot more content. We just look at the pages that perform really well and just write a better title, write a better Meta description. And you'll see which one performs better, a before and after.


2. Searching & Placing Keywords


The Webcarpenter works on checking out how your piece of content is performing and it's going to recommend keywords for you to add to that page. That way it's going to help you rank for more keywords for a page.

So, that page can rank for a couple of hundred keywords, but what if you can help it rank for a couple of thousand keywords. You can get a lot more traffic from it and you basically get a lot more bangs for your buck from just writing a piece of content.


3.Enhancing Page Speed


Page speed is very important when it comes to the user experience that you're delivering for people. If you don't have a fast site, people are going to bounce. It's not a good user experience; it is a ranking signal when it comes to Google. So, we work on enhancing page speed also.


4. Updating Content


Webcarpenter upgrades the piece of content; adding some critical points and paragraphs to it. We do this over and over on the existing content that you have. This will help to increase your page ranking.

Why do you think Wikipedia is so successful? It's because they keep upgrading their content over and over and over.


5. Backlinks:


Links and contents are known to be Google’s currency. If you have a lot of link equity on your homepage link out to the pages that matter the most. You're going to see their ranking shoot up.


6.Use of Info-graphics:


Webcarpenter looks after your info-graphics also. Using info-graphics in your web content makes your website catchy and optimized enough to rank up the order on Google.


7. Mobile SEO


Mobile SEO is another modern technique to make your site rank on the top. In this, you build a website for a mobile phone first and then make it compatible with a desktop as well.


The rising role of video in SEO Content Marketing (Video SEO)


Just for a brief overview, video search engine optimization, also called video SEO, is about driving more traffic directly through video in search listings, which gives you an additional opportunity to rank in universal search results and provides greater visibility in the search engine results pages with the use of a video thumbnail.

When we mention search engines, we normally think of Google and YouTube, since those are the number one and number two search engines respectively, even though there are other popular search engines, like Yahoo and Bing, that you can also have your own video optimized for their search engine listings as well.

But what's important to remember is that video SEO is really just an extension of regular SEO and website publishing best practices. It’s part science and part art, the part about understanding algorithms, keywords, and placement on a page. But it's increasingly about being social with creating compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis that makes it something people want to share with others. So, video SEO is not just about appealing to Google, YouTube, or any other search engine. It's about engaging with your target audiences and actively participating in online communities through that video.

Some of the key points to keep in consideration while creating a video for SEO are:

  • The video must be a powerful storyteller.
  • The video should be shorter in length to mitigate higher bounce rates.
  • Put in appealing title and description.
  • Choose a fast and secure hosting platform.
  • The video should be embedded with your written content.
  • Strategically place it in your written content.
  • Make high-quality video thumbnails.


Bottom Line


So, please do give us a call, we would love to talk to you about SEO. We could waffle on about it for hours, give us a call we'd love to meet you and if you are paying for an SEO agency and not getting results, you will find Webcarpenter like that person that you put your trust in. So please give us a call on the number on the website or fill in the form and we look forward to speaking to you soon.


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