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This channel seeks to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business owners in Toronto

March 20, 2020

Webcarpenter SEO Podcast 1 Introduction

Webcarpenter SEO Podcast 1.


To most people, mentioning “SEO” is leaping off of a ledge into a world they have absolutely no control over, and no idea about. Anyone who has touched on website developing and has spent some time on the internet has heard of SEO, but has probably compartmentalized it, tucking it into the drawer labelled “internet stuff for people who get it”. They wouldn’t even imagine that it factors into their daily lives, or that they would ever find a use for it at all.


Heck, 99% of people don’t even know what it stands for – and that makes it unknown and off-putting.

Well, it’s actually a lot less, and a lot more, complex than you thought.

Let me explain – SEO stand for “Search Engine Optimization”. In short, it means optimizing – or improving – something for Search Engines. Mostly that just means Google (But there are also others, like Bing, and ‘Duck Duck Go!’). Usually, this goes for websites – changing and tweaking little details, keywords, and pieces of code, to make your website show up higher in the web search results. Higher in the results means more traffic, means more business! SEO is focusing on that.


A lot less complicated than you thought, right? The core concept and basic level of it really is!

Honestly – with two hours and a decent YouTube video (or podcast 😉), you can get really far, and boost your website ratings by a few hundred in a few weeks. That’s the simple beauty of it.

And now here comes the hidden, really awesome, beauty of it – it can get a lot more complex and interesting too!  

SEO is one of those things where you can get really decent at it with the most basic training that anyone can do and find. At the highest levels, it’s pretty complex – with hundreds of details and coding lines and functionalities that you would need to look at just for a single page ­– but none of that is necessary if you just have a little website you want to promote a bit more. With professional SEO consultants, agents, websites, services, and more, you can make a great website fantastic, and more marketable! At those highest levels that you can reach with dedication, you’re competing with giant companies in the market to nab the first spots in those Google results! But you don’t have to stress about that.


 If you have a website, you can do SEO. For basic SEO, you don’t even need to touch the code. Just tack on a few well-thought-out keywords, grab some quality links, get 15 minutes of competitor research done – and you have yourself a much more SEO-friendly platform done in a few hours tops.


This podcast is really dedicated to taking a simple approach to SEO. It’s not as hard as you may think! Applying even some of the most seemingly basic tricks can literally make you jump from page 54 of the Google search results, right to page 1.

So, stay tuned and look forward to the new episodes, where we’re going to tackle the A to Z of SEO.




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